Real Life Demands Pause

Hello: Halo! Sawadeekah! Kumusta!

So it’s really been too long since I’ve posted to my blog, but for good reasons:

Country Hopping

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

In one year, I have managed to travel to six Asian countries (including South Korea). (I am blessed, and I know this, so I don’t ever make the mistake of taking this opportunity for granted. I’m thankful every day – for better or for worse.) Most recently, my travels took me to Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines since school has been on winter (January) and spring (February) break. (In South Korea, the school year begins in March.) But don’t get it twisted, native English teachers are only off of work for our contractual vacation days, not the entire two months.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I’m excited to share with you my, hopefully, alluring photos and, somewhat, alarming insights on visiting the beautiful countries mentioned above. >>HINT: There’s a stammering difference between the likes of China and Japan versus these three developing countries. It left me asking, what is the cost of tourism as an economy booster for a developing country?<<  Answer… Stay tuned!

Banaue, Philippines
Banaue, Philippines

Out with the Old and in with the New

As I vaguely alluded in a previous post, I left my old middle school to work at an education center. I’m excited about this new opportunity, and already loving my new colleagues. I often daydreamed about working with teachers I could talk to (the center has several native English speakers); having a social and cooperative team (we work well together and the bonding has begun); and being able to create my own lesson plans (so far, it’s  a good combination of individual and team lesson-planning) – well, that’s exactly what I got working here. So I’m clinking my proverbial champagne glass, and making a toast to 2014: Here’s to knowing what you want, and getting it!

At lunch with co-workers.
At lunch with co-workers:  hot bibimbap. 
Celebrating a co-worker's birthday.
Celebrating a co-worker’s birthday.

I moved!

Along with a new job, comes a new location – and a lot of cleaning.

My old area was really convenient: it is close to a dozen buses, only a 15-minute walk away from the subway station, and is between two colleges (which means access to resources). I thought I’d miss my old ‘hood, and I do, but I’m loving my new place I can comfortably call home. (Did I mention my old neighborhood had a Mom’s Touch? The chicken sandwich – a whole breast, breaded and crunchy – and seasoned fries were on point!)

After a one-car load, and two-hour process of moving from one end of town to another, my moving buddy graciously treated me to a delicious lunch!
After a one-car-one-trip, and two-hour process of moving to the other end of town, my moving buddy graciously treated me to a delicious lunch!

Since I’ve been in my new area, I’ve walked the neighborhood. I’m noticing that I have actually upgraded! There’s a popular market nearby, tons of useful chains, department and convenient stores, I’m a five-minute walk from the subway, and still have a dozen buses within minutes of my apartment.

The rooftop of my new place.
On the rooftop of my new place.

On Your Mark, Get Set

For most of us, starting a new job brings the anxiety of getting it right from day one. Our team has been putting our heads together to make this year the best we’ve got to give. I’m ready to go!

With that Said…

As much as I would love to write daily blogs – or, at the very least, much more frequently – life sometimes gets in the way. Certain changes in life calls for a moment of pause where you need to reset, reflect, rest or get a job done. Now that the dust has settled, you can look forward to some fun, thoughtful and humorous blogs as I retell my adventures, discoveries, travels and misfortunes as an English teacher in Korea!

At the neighborhood market.
At the neighborhood market.



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