Choose Your Path, Blaze a Trail


Living in a foreign country forces you out of your comfort zone. At times you can feel like you’re in a hazardous zone. Other times it’s as if you’re living out your wildest dreams, and, if you’re lucky, living in another country can simply put you into the zone: at the right place, at the right time – that moment you’ve been wishing and ready for. Every once in a while, a little magic happens where opportunity meets preparation and makes destiny manifest.

So, picture it: One day, a black woman decides to pack her bags, leave her friends, family and country behind to move to Asia for a job and a little adventure.

Huh? Wait, what? For real?

Yes. For real. Black women living in Asia is not something you read about every day. Actually, to many people it’s not only rare, but contraindicated. Yet thousands of black women are doing it every year, and many of them have learned that when ‘you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.’ That was the case when I became one of the women selected to write for the new book from Excelovate Publishing, TrailBlasian: Black Women Living in East Asia.

My Bio_TrailBlasian

Myself and 16 other women who, at one point, lived in East Asian countries, share our unique stories from the journeys of our lives, such as defining moments, revelations, tough choices and growing pains, in this book of creative nonfiction.

TrailBlasian Cover
You can purchase TrailBlasian at

Hopefully this book will light a fire in someone who was waiting for permission to live his or her life his or her own way. Sometimes the thing that calls to us goes against societal norms and expectations, but going in flow with your destiny will make you richer in spirit and wiser from your experiences. As T.K. McLennon, the creator of the book, puts it, “This book is for people who love travel and the discovery and richness traveling brings. This book is for anyone who needs inspiration about life’s possibilities, especially during times of transition and uncertainty. And this book is for people with a special interest in widening their own horizons and seeing more than what’s going on in their backyards.”

One of my goals was to become an internationally published writer while abroad. Today, because I decided to take a risk (move to South Korea) and test an unconventional theory that I can continue to succeed and live out my dreams as a black woman in Asia (or anywhere else in the world), I have witnessed a dream come to fruition. It is an honor and a blessing.

We all have doubt and fear that must be laid to rest in order to make way for our path. The time to do so is now. “Live the life you have imagined.”




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