One Year Later

the last 10 months

I didn’t see it coming, the abrupt stop of my effort and concern to write another word for this blog. Ten months have passed, and I haven’t thought twice about it. Has it really been since October 2014 that I wrote my last post? (In my Martin Lawrence voice: “Damn, Gina!”) So that must mean that I’ve been feverishly busy with work, out at all hours enjoying the high life with friends, and jet setting more frequently than Carmen San Diego. Well, actually… I haven’t.


But I will say I’ve been living the above average life. I have enjoyed many long, savory dinners and sweet conversations over coffee and dessert with some delightfully like-minded folks. I’ve also ventured to Japan, Australia, and went home for the winter holidays while on hiatus. And now, here I am: Ta-daaa! Ready for my come back!



school daze

I have been relatively busy at work periodically. We finished our first semester inglassesquite swiftly. I don’t think I was ready for my “4 Elements of Hip Hop” class to come to an end. My job is to teach fun, informative lessons on American culture for the day program at our center. For the Saturday program, I taught two American hand games, “Down, Down Baby” and “Down by the River”. There were some kids whose enthusiasm was everythang!, but, ultimately, I think I enjoyed that class more than the kids did.

Moving right along,over summer vacation and onto summer camp, I successfully completed all four of our camps: two weeks, one lesson of middle school camp – the theme was “Detective Camp”, and my lesson was Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) – Daegu.

Students listening to eye witness description, and drawing it.
Students listening to eye witness description, and drawing it.
Students presenting their findings of the crime scene.
Students presenting their findings of the crime scene.

For elementary school camp (also two camps, one lesson), the theme was Treasure Island, and I taught “Sailor Training”. Sailor Training was a smash hit! Our strategy was brilliant: let the kids do a relay race, tug-of-war and then teach a fun dance, you know, tire those little suckers out and send them on their way! Ha! Full speed ahead to the present: just yesterday I had my first class of the semester.  This semester, I’m teaching yoga. I know what you’re thinking, but actually yoga is a $25 billion industry with more people practicing yoga in the U.S. than in India. As doubtful as I was of whether the kids would like it or not, they seemed to really enjoy the class. Score!

A perspective of my newly designed classroom, from behind the teacher's platform.
A perspective of my newly designed classroom, from behind the teacher’s platform.

I also look forward to teaching stepping, in the tradition of black Greek-lettered organizations, to the elementary kiddies. *(In my Kevin Hart voice: “They gon’ learn Saturday!”)

Stay tuned, as I’ll be documenting my last six months in Korea weekly.  *The best is yet to come!


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