Almost Home

Hello, my good blog-reading people. Last week, I re-introduced myself. This week, you will look to the future with me…

tunnel vision

150616_4962078532601_1236578794_n“Five mo’ months!” that’s what I keep telling myself. I have spent the last two years and seven months of living abroad in the complex, contradicting and accomplished country that is South Korea, but nothing lasts forever. (I’m going home!) My time here is quickly passing, and soon I will be moving on, into a new chapter in my life. Though the office politics at work can be hella bonkers, I’m all about that finish line – no drama or distractions, please and thank you. Until that moment presents itself, I am steadfast at being as positive and productive as possible. I am teaching myself Spanish, how to swim (yea, I know), and how to ride a bike (don’t judge me). I’ve also started taking dance classes in Modern Jazz once again, and will continue with Korean drumming classes this fall. Also, I have decided I want to paint to express myself, so I bought a big drawing note pad, color pencils and watercolors. In the words of Salt-n-Pepa, “You know life, it’s all about expression; you only live once and you’re not coming back, so express yourself.”

So yes, my good blog-reading people, I’m focused on becoming more enriched and immersing myself into the arts and creativity while prepping for a proper home-going. *Almost home!

My first day back in the water as I teach myself how to swim.
My first day back in the water as I teach myself how to swim.
Practicing on the jung-gu at drumming class.
Practicing on the jung-gu at drumming class.

great expectations

When I graduated from elementary school, my mother dressed me in a white ruffled dress with a red ribbon around the waist, and proudly walked me to school where my fellow shorties and I would grace the stage to sing our graduation song, “Great Expectations” before receiving our certificates. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what I wore to my elementary school graduation, but the image I described came to mind, which, I glow n dotsbelieve, is actually from a surprise birthday party I once had in my backyard that was captured in Kodak moments – eh-em, hence the photographic memory.) The lyrics went something like, “reach out for great expectations, something good will happen to you; hold on to great expectations, they will always see you through”.

As I find myself approaching yet another crossroad in my life, I intend to indeed have those great expectations that I hope will carry me on to bigger and better things beyond my wildest imagination. When you believe in yourself without a shadow of a doubt, fortune will surely be in the follow-up. So be it.



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