Endings & Beginnings: Teaching, Travel and Youtube!



The past several weeks have just flown by. Work has been keeping me busy in a good way. From prepping, planning and teaching new lessons to wraping up ones that ended, I’ve been enjoying delving in to work.

The Global Festival was a success! At my job, this event is held once a year in the fall (this year’s event was Saturday, November 21), where it is an extension of what we already do (teach culture and practical English classes) plus the excitement and fun of a festival where there are informative and interactive booths, a variety of cultural foods, and a lot of games and activities for kids ages elementary through middle school.


I’ve been planning my winter vacation trip. I’m going to Vietnam and Cambodia. This trip has been a long time coming, so I’m really excited, and I’ll be doing reviews and/or a recap of my trip to tell about it. I’ve also planned a trip before returning home in the spring. I am SO GEEKED about that trip, but it will remain a surprise until the time comes. These are some dope places I’ve had on my list for a long time now. I can’t wait! So my plane tickets for both are purchased, and I’m just counting down the days while trying to enjoy the time I have left in Korea.

Two weekends ago, I completed my last Saturday program class: I taught elementary kids in Korea how to “step” in the “black Greek”  tradition of the U.S. (shot out to my sorors of DST!). It was a watered down version of stepping :), but the kiddies loved it, and so did I! As a matter of fact, here’s an excerpt of the class.

And that leads me to my new found favorite past time and personal project: making and publishing videos on Youtube! 😀

I’ve been wanting to make amateur film/videos for about six years. I got a taste of it when I was an online news reporter for Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service three years ago. (Check out two of my pieces about Black Girls Run and a youth program for at-risk teens.) When I came to Korea I was supposed to start a travel blog detailing my journey of living in another country. That didn’t materialize until the second year and quickly lost its steam. But throughout my time here, I’ve always had cool ideas for videos that never came to fruition. Why? Because I was scared that my videos couldn’t measure up to those already on Youtube.

Three years after living in Korea, and after publishing my first video on YouTube last Friday, “5 Social Norms Americans Give Up Living in Korea,” I’ve learned just how ruthlessly procrastination can kill your vibe! Had I started three years ago, there’s no telling how far I could be on that path by now. But, I didn’t. And that’s okay. I’m doing it now, and that’s what matters. And quite frankly, it feels awesome!

So here’s to giving procrastination the boot, and start doing the things you’ve imagined for yourself RIGHT NOW! In the words of the infamous Hollywood Shuffle movie quote (where my old-schoolers at?! :P), “Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it!”

P.S. For now, my Youtube posts are themed as “Friday & the Furious Five!” where I talk about Korean culture and my experiences in Korea during my last 2.5 months here as well as life in general. Check out my second video,  “5 Misconceptions about South Korea,”and stay tuned for next Friday’s edition.

Thanks for reading!

Peace. Light. &LOVE



    • That’s awesome, Mimi! And good luck! I know a friend who is down there now. Most people I know who are in Vietnam say they love it!. And thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed teaching them! Last semester’s Saturday program was ‘hand games’. 😛 I taught them “Down, Down Baby” and “Down by the River” <<< they LOVED that one. lol

      • Omg really?? That was basically my childhood!!! I bet that was so fun!!

        I have a friend there as well!! I’m so excited!! Where are you planning on going? I’m doing HCMC and some trips from there

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