The WRONG Way to Do Breakfast at a B&B

When you are a savvy (HA! more like bargain-hunting), budget traveler like me who doesn’t want to break the bank just to have a good time enjoying the world, you will have several WTF moments. In this case, my WTF moment started with a cat, a dog and a dove… But I digress, this post is about how NOT to do breakfast at a B&B. Stay tuned for my review in the following days, where I explain the cat, the dog and the dove.
[the situation]
tell the guest breakfast is at 7-8 a.m.
(guests sleeps in because she’s had a long week of travel, late nights & early mornings, and opts to get breakfast on her own if she misses the free breakfast window)
guest wakes up (missing breakfast window), throws on clothes to go to nearest cafe/bakery
guest passes by owners’ son who is sitting in the dark in the living room, playing a game on his smart phone
he says nothing
guest says, “good morning”
lackluster, teenage son mumbles, “morning”
with the dining room out of her peripheral view, and to her back, guest walks out of the door, and heads to a cafe, a couple of blocks away
guest goes to cafe she saw the day before: CLOSED (chairs turned up onto tables and all) >>insert rolling eye emoji, here<<
guest spots bakery across the street and heads for it (no seating, just carry-out) >>insert “the fu*k” face, here<<
guest plans to order anyway
guest asks if they have croissants (they don’t)
guest is talked into buying a Jewish pastry called rugelach
“get the chocolate, it’s the best,” he says
guest buys two
(later when guest eats: it’s not a croissant. it doesn’t taste like a croissant. she wanted a croissant. why tell someone a rugelach is like a croissant?! just because it is crescent-shaped doesn’t make it a croissant!)
she also buys a pecan carrot cake for good measure and ice brewed coffee
she walks back to B&B
she approaches stairs to the right while glancig at dining room straight ahead
there’s food on the table
there is fruit and juice and granola and yogurt and pastries and…
>>insert steaming, hot red pissed face here<<
she walks on by in disbelief
she turns and comes back to stare into the dining room, at the table, where her breakfast patiently and innocently awaits her undertaking
she walks in to take a picture
at closer inspection: fine China laid out, gold-plated cutlery, a bowl of strawberries, blueberries and kiwi, covered; orange juice poured into a glass flute, covered; granola kept in a small bowl, covered; and peach yogurt, unopened
guest: shakes her damn head
she snaps the picture and proceeds upstairs to her room
and why not, she just spent $13.21 on breakfast.


  1. That breakfast they laid out for you looks awesome! That sucks you didn’t get to enjoy it. I think that picking a guesthouse that provides breakfast is one of the best ways to travel on a budget.

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