5 Simple Steps to Blog Like a BOSS

At the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in D.C.

The beautiful thing about bloggers is that they’re ordinary people like you and me, but some of us ordinary people have this phenomenal way of reaching the masses, creating valuable content and monetizing their humble creations. Word.

I, on the other hand, have grappled with the decision to blog or not to blog for the past nine years! Talk about being indecisive.

My dedication to blogging has been noncommittal at best. However, upon starting a Youtube channel in December 2015, coming back home to the States after three years abroad, and being fed up with my own resistance to go full force with blogging, I decided to attend the Blogging While Brown conference this year in Washington, D.C., hoping it would inspire me.


It did not disappoint! This conference overflowed with valuable tools and information for learning how to blog like a BOSS!


Here are 10 tips & highlights I gleaned from the conference! Hopefully it inspires you too!

the Tips… for Blogging like a Boss

#1 – “You WILL be overloaded with information at this conference. Do yourself a favor and choose three goals or take-aways to work on when you go home. Don’t try to process it all” (Gina McCauley, BWB Conference Founder). That’s good advise for any new skill or subject you’re learning. Don’t try to do it all – focus, aim, and fire away at achieving your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals.

#2 – Podcasts! But, aren’t they old school? Nope! Podcasts have been on the rise, and are still thriving. It’s also a market waiting to be tapped into, especially for women. One of the reasons for its popularity the presenter, Rob Walch of Libsyn, gave is that it’s easy to listen to while driving, working out or at work, unlike watching a video or reading a blog.

#3 – Find a partner. As much as I am begrudged to abide by this one, it was a recurring message from most of the presenters. Whether you’re a YouTuber, blogger, or podcast pro, find someone of like mind or intention, and work with them on a project that is mutually beneficial and fun for you both.

#4 – Are you blogging as a hobby or are you about that business? You need to know the difference. If it’s just a hobby, take your time, play with it till you find your groove, and don’t waste too much money on it. However, if this is a business you’re building, then it’s time to get strategic about what you share and how, plan your posts, make it clean and presentable, edit your blogs and your pictures, and make valuable investments that will grow your business.

#5 – “Blogging Changes Lives!” I often make the mistake of downplaying damn near everything I do. I travel the world, I’ve been published in a book, I’ve lived and worked in another country, I’m a freelance writer, I make YouTube videos, I blog. You name it, and I’d tell myself, ‘it can’t be that big of a deal if I’m doing it.’ If you’re anything like me, STOP IT! At this conference, it was obvious how these presenters give their heart and soul to their blogs. It’s no wonder why they are successful. I realized during the awards ceremony that… Wow, these people actually take themselves and their blogs seriously – it means something. In other words, they’re passionate. Each presenter testified how starting a blog profoundly changed their lives. It’s been a bumpy and uncertain journey, but they believed in their work enough to commit to seeing it through. Many of them have multiple businesses, and the ideas of how to make their blog bigger and better just keeps on going! Take yourself and the work you do seriously. You’re worth it.

& the Highlights…

  • Ahhh, to be in D.C. again. It had been five years since I was last there. I forgot how beautiful and rich with history it is.
  • Being on that V.I.P. list and getting an exclusive preview of the National Museum of African American Culture and History was wonderful, and I can’t wait to see it when it opens on Sept. 24, 2016.

relics of black culture

Oprah Theater

  • The most inspiring speeches for me came from the award recipients’ speeches, and Linal Harris’ speech, that opened the awards ceremony, about their journey to success.
  • The support system and opportunity to network! It’s been two weeks since the conference, and many of us, attendees and speakers, have been engaging with and supporting one another’s projects!
  • There are a ton of other moments I could highlight, like my favorite workshops or offline moments, but we’d be here all day, so I’ll end with another cool tour we did… seeing the National Mall at night.

night tour mall 2

night tour mall 1

Standing at the top of the Lincoln Memorial, looking out toward the National Monument, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his infamous speech, “I Have a Dream.”

What’s the last conference you’ve been to that inspired you?



  1. #5: YES.
    One of the reasons we love blogs is that we’re all nosey creatures. But for whatever reason, we’re (women especially) taught it’s not polite to talk about ourselves. When we do have something to say, it’s easy to feel like there are so many voices on the internet clamoring to be heard that nobody will hear or care about our story. For me, this manifests as a nagging little voice in the back of my mind that says, “Nobody cares what you think. Your life isn’t that interesting.” I’m trying my best to ignore this little voice and remember that there is a thirst for original content!

    • YES, Bridget, you are so on point here… I feel the same way! Especially, with so many other people wanting to be heard, but we have to stay the course on what we set out to do and believe in ourselves. It’s so easy to get distracted, and it’s so easy for us to discard the simple answer: slow and steady wins the race. When we stick to it, trust ourselves, and allow ourselves and our skills the time to develop and grow, I think beautiful things can happen. Just keep at it. I tell you this as I tell myself. 😉

  2. ‘it can’t be that big of a deal if I’m doing it.’ <<– this thing right here. So much truth. I have a hard time saying that I have done great things! I have to get over it – I can't keep waiting for someone to toot my horn for me 🙂

    • Exactly, Eva! Sometimes I have to remind myself of the Oprah quote that goes something like… ‘if you are waiting for someone to notice, if you are waiting for someone to save you, if you are even waiting for someone to help you… you are wasting your time’ It’s a slap in the face that we need to give ourselves every once in a while to keep it moving! lol

  3. I would have loved to attend this as well but thank you for taking the time to share your major takeaways. It’s been a conference-heavy year for me (well, in comparison to past years of not attending any at all), and in my first year of blogging I can confidently say that the change and relationships built have been monumental.
    Stay inspired and keep writing!!

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