Why I Don’t Do Clubs (Spoiler Alert: There are 2 Exceptions)


I’ll admit it. I’m over 30, and over clubbing.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI’ve been going to clubs since the age of 21, and if we’re keeping it real, there are many who were precocious and eager enough to hit the clubs with that fake I.D. even before then! But count ‘em up, and that’s at least nine years of going to clubs. And face it, clubbing hasn’t changed. At my age, I’ve been doing it for about 15 years!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESClubs can be too loud, too crowded. At times, you have to wait in long lines. (And if your city has four seasons, that includes dealing the elements of rain, freezing temperatures and snow!) Occasionally it’s too dark, has sticky floors, and once in while you have that one drunk fool who ruins it all.

Those are all givens, but being 30-something, I’ve noticed how young the crowds are, and just how old this clubbing scene has gotten for me. But I still love to get out, socialize and dance.

Thankfully, there are two beautiful adaptations to clubbing.’ One is day parties; it’s essentially the same thing as clubbing at night, but the hours are usually between 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. That means you don’t have to keep yourself up till 11 P.M. just to go somewhere. No, day parties leave enough time for you to party under the sun, and still have energy to go out for dinner after… arriving home at a decent time to get your well-earned beauty rest.

The other exception, my friends, is quiet clubbing.


Where has quiet clubbing been all my life? I had the pleasure of having my first taste of what it’s like at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) After Dark monthly party. Admission is $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Every month the theme and entertainment changes. There’s an open bar, free hor d’ourves, food to order, wine sampling and fun activities like beading, adult coloring pages, screen printing, mini museum tours… And, of course, quiet clubbing.




So, what is quiet clubbing? Take several hundred wireless headphones, add LED lighting and two or three live DJs spinning – select the DJ of your choice on the headphones, and BAM!, you have a party of one among the masses. That’s how you quietly go clubbin’! You can actually have a conversation with friends that doesn’t require screaming, and if you’re not feeling what the DJ is playing, you can switch to a different DJ mixing on the one’s and two’s at the party. (Click below for the video!)


This brilliant concept started in Europe as “Silent Disco,” and in 2012, William Petz brought it to New York and penned the phrase “quiet clubbing” for his Quiet Events company.

Thank you Europe, William and MAM After Dark… you gave me all kinds life last Friday night! As an over-30-something woman, I can definitely say, this is my kinda clubbing!

The Milwaukee Art Museum.
The Milwaukee Art Museum.


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